Saturday, November 24, 2012

Halloween Costumes 2 and 3!

It's no secret we love Halloween at our house. But I haven't enjoyed having double the candy hanging around this year though. Gracie had to be a fairy princess for school. I can't get over how cute her hair is! Katie of course had to dress up too if Gracie was so we were late to school that day. Katie loves to put on makeup and she even let me do her hair without crying. If only we could look this cute every day!

 We invited some new friends from church over to trick or treat with us. As you can see Gracie dressed up in an Asian Mulan dress and Katie was a barbie princess in white.

It was a fun night and we were glad that the girls had enough after about an hour and we could go home and hand out our necklaces. Oh that's right I haven't told you what we did. We got oodles and oodles of mardigras beads at a pirate parade we went to and didn't know what to do with them, so we handed them out at the Trunk or Treat and for Halloween instead of candy. People really liked it. At the party, Luke hid behind hanging black garbage sacks in our trunk with the necklaces and said, "Give me your neck!" to kids when they came by our van. They had to lean their head forward into the dark trunk and then Luke put a necklace on them. They kept coming back because it was so fun to be scared. On Halloween, Luke sat in the driver's seat of our van with a goblin mask on with the window rolled down but in the dark of our driveway. People would come up and get their necklaces from me and then turn around and start walking back... right past the open window and Luke would get them every time. A lot of times, it was the unsuspecting parent that waited just at the driveway while their kid went up to the door and when they turned around they scream or jump at Luke's scare! Luke had blast. He even got one girl twice who came to our house a second time and forgot! 
It was a Happy Halloween!

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