Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby Rant!

No baby yet. I don't know why. I am dilated to 4+ and I have tried a lot of things to get labor started. I even ran intermittently while walking the other day. Everything I have tried has just made me sore and exhausted but I am getting a lot done. Reorganized the garage recently. Sewed some projects I had planned - recovered her carseat, made a carseat cover you know to protect from weather and peekers while sleeping, and sewed me a nursing cover. Sanded and painted my dresser yesterday and sewing pillows for my bed. Now I feel like I might have to do it again because I am not sure I like the color. Reorganized and cleaned the pantry closet. Organized our office and got rid of the paper avalanche on my desk. Super cleaned the whole house today. This baby is chicken to come out I think because I was having contractions, 1 every hour on New Year’s Eve after the Dr. checked me vigorously that day and told me she was almost 8 lbs. We really wanted a New Years baby! And we wanted to have her while Luke has been home with Christmas break. Luke took this Thursday and Friday off and worked on our business at home because we thought I would go into labor.
We thought 1/2/13 would be cool, then 1/3/13 would be cool. Now I think any day would be cool. I do think we are having a chicken though not a baby! How do I make her run out of room or get braver to come out? I don't blame her though, this is a pretty scary world she is coming to. I guess I will give her a few more days to be ready. I don't know why but something tells me not do castor oil even though I have heard it works. There are so many people who keep messaging me and calling me to see if we had her yet that, while I feel like it's so awesome that so many people care, it is making me anxious and frustrated that she isn't here yet and I have to keep telling them no. (I am actually not due for 1 more week.)
So Karlie, Lexie, Rosie- whatever your name is, you better hurry up or I am going to drive Luke nuts with my orneriness. He thinks I am taking it out on him. And with my moodiness, I am sure I am. It's a good thing he loves me. Wish me luck for 1 more “fat” week of comments that people just have to “pop,” (see I can be clever too), and I will let you know as soon as she is here. Whenever she comes, it will be right! Hollie


The Mickelsens said...

Iknow this feeling. I was a week early with James and Eloise so I thought for sure that's how it would be this time. I was DONE! even my doctor commented how she could see in my face that I was just done being pregnant - so true. Then Avonlea came right on her due date. Hang in there. I konw I like having a baby, even if I'm tired, better than just having one in my belly. I love the name Rosie and that's my vote. I loved the pictures of the girls I got. Now that life is calming down a little I need to put your stuff in the mail too. We love you all.

Kristen. Jason. Sofie said...

don't worry! she'll come out when she is good and ready! also i need to send you a little gifty for her! she can't come without presents you know!! love you!