Friday, November 23, 2012

Halloween Super Heroes!

 Gracie wanted to be spiderman for Halloween the whole year because she had this suit that our friend gave us. So I said she could be spider girl and make a skirt and mask for it. She didn't want the skirt in the end. Katie became supergirl from another friend's costume. And I made Hulk and WonderWoman costumes starting with just under 3 hours before our ward trunk or treat. We had the hardest time finding pants at Goodwill for Luke to cut up. I love how his green paint turned out. And I wanted to work on mine just a little more but ran out of time.  The crown, cuffs, belt, and W on my shirt are all out of a gold pleather, while the boots I made from red pleather and copied how they do it in professional costumes and just wore them over my heels. I had planned to add the authentic white stripe down the boots too but ran out of time. I practically murdered the stars on my skirt because I had to sew them on so fast but it turned out well. Probably sturdier than most costumes you buy in a store. I can't believe how shoddily they are made.  Gracie wore a different costume for every Halloween thing we did this year so stay tuned for what she was for school, and for Halloween night. ;)


 Luke had to show me how he could rip his shirt off when we got home! And then he got my nice clean bathtub all covered in green paint. Oh well, it was my idea. You never knew that Wonder Woman and Hulk were a couple did you? 

 I made the props for the "fake" photo booth at the ward trunk or treat, like they do at weddings right now. I think it is such a cute idea to encourage people to have fun taking photos. Hopefully I can use them for other purposes too and my work for the one night won't go to waste.

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Mrs. Ellis said...

Loved all of the halloween costumes! Your girls are so pretty and Hollie, you look AMAZING! Way to rock the belly. Nice job on the costumes. I love making our own and being thrifty.