Sunday, May 12, 2013

You're the one with the million kids...

I went to a basketball game to watch Luke play a few weeks ago. I met a few people there. The girls ran around a little and then we played on the playground. Then I went to a baby shower last week and one of the girls I had met was at the shower. I reintroduced myself and she said, "Oh yeah. You're the one with the million kids right?" And I said, "Well I only have 3, but sometimes it seems like a million." I couldn't believe that she said that. Nonetheless, that was my first negative comment about how many kids I have. So I had to record it.

And on this fantastic Mother's Day I have a lot to be grateful for including my 3 beautiful, mostly sweet girls and my husband who is always doing everything possible to please me. And today his cloth covered cookie sheet with raisin bran and a toasted bagel did not disappoint.

He got up and fed and bathed the girls. Then he had them bring me breakfast in bed after letting me sleep in and then left to practice a musical number for church. All I had to do was get us dressed and hair combed and get to church. We even made it on time!

Gracie cried and cried when she didn't get one of the chocolate bars they handed out to the mothers. I played the piano perfectly for the primary's mother's day song and we got a good nap in, after church that is! We ended today with a bike ride to the park and then caramel popcorn while we talked to our mothers and other ladies who are special in our lives. I am grateful for my mother and all that she taught me and is still teaching me. And to quote the Book of Mormon, I am grateful my mother "knew it."

Here are some front runners from my ongoing home photo shoot this week. Hopefully more to come if I don't drive my kids crazy. :)


The Mickelsens said...

Wow...your baby is growing up! So cute!

April said...

Then I guess I have a "million" kids too. People say the weirdest things sometimes! Your girls are just precious.

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