Friday, April 5, 2013

My life is awesome... That's why I gotta record it. Lol!

No more 3 month blog break!!! But after you read this "one day in the life of" incident, you'll know why i have not.

Can you believe while I was "quick" in Joann's fabric, lexie woke up screaming bloody murder to eat so I decided to nurse her in the chairs in back. Then while I was doing that Katie had to go potty so Gracie said she would take her ( i was unsure about this but shes newly potty trained so we had to). Next thing I know. Gracie yells we have a problem. And then katie crying. I had to stop feeding, left my purse and cart, and when I opened the door both girls had their pants down and there was a big puddle on the floor. Katie made it, but apparently it made Gracie need to go too (you know how that is) but she only got a little in the toilet and the rest on the floor and pants. Aaahhh.

Both girls were being so good and they were so so sad. I had to go put lexie down back where my cart was and had Gracie watch it while I helped Katie get dressed and cleaned up the pee. Then Gracie was crying because she was all wet. lexie was all smiles and Katie was falling Asleep in the cart. We hurried outta there and Gracie rode home naked. When we got home lexie had a nice yellow blowout in her carseat.

Needless to say this is why I don't go to the store very much with all of them and why my simple goal was to buy some elastic. And why if i do go, we are all dressed cute so at least we start looking like we have it all together and people dont look at us so bad cause at least we look cute when everything goes nuts. Oh crazy life! I did get my returns done at ross w no problems prior to that. So all in all successful day! Ha ha.

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April said...

Oh boy, that sounds so crazy! When your girls are older you'll look back and laugh at this incident. It sounds like you did a great job handling it all!